Saturday, 14 May 2011

A musical Friday Favourite (on a Saturday)

Josh T Pearson - I realise that this guy isn't to everyone's taste, but I really like his voice and his kooky looks. I find him most attractive.

'Sweetheart I ain't your Christ.' mmm.

Sweetheart I Ain't Your Christ (piano version with Dustin O'Halloran) by joshtpearson
I discovered this guy via Miss Moss; if you haven't already been there, I highly recommend downloading some of her monthly playlists. I especially like this one, Ships in the Night, (it's a bit of melancholic, folky Americana.)


  1. His voice is SO relaxing :) I quite like beards although my dad once told me to never trust guys with beards ha ha :) hope you have a great weekend :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. what a beautiful voice. thanks for sharing, and posting links to miss moss. i'd never heard of her site. i'm really digging folkish music right now. if you have any other recommendations like this, send them my way! :)

  3. this is beautiful. smokey voice, gentle acoustic melody...YUM. he reminds me of a softer version of william fitzsimmons.


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