Friday, 6 May 2011

Friday Favourite.

This is a really exciting blog! I feel embarrassed for posting about Disney animation, but this blog shows you some of the art work and brainstorming ideas which went into the design of the films.

I love the highly stylised illustrations, which really are very cool indeed. I also like the tiny details in some of the drawings.. either way it's all very charming and I like anything with a bit of nostalgia pulsing through its veins...
(The website is a little hard to navigate as it's in French.. )

(All images via The Art of Disney Animation.)


  1. Aw these have taken me back. Although, I do still love a bit of Disney. Really nice pics. xx

  2. these are beautiful! i wonder if you can buy them as prints anywhere? i would love some form the little mermaid. i'm not a huge disney fan, but these are very cool. thanks for sharing :)

  3. The peter pan one is my favorite! So cool!

    These painting are very creative!

  4. ♥ very nice and beautiful blog ♥

    kiss: -*

  5. oh! these are truly gorgeous. i've just stumbled across your blog and it is divine x

  6. Never be embarrassed for posting anything Disney related...Walt rules! Love this post :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  7. these are so amazing!!


  8. These all sort of remind me of that movie GiGi, I wonder if it was Disney...regardless, I love these, they are so beautiful. Don't worry about posting Disney, almost everyone will recognize where some of these are from :)

  9. These are so beautiful! I just had a browse through your blog its so lovely! x

  10. love these pictures!

  11. This looks like a wonderful blog and I love Disney Animation. Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to hop on over and have a look.

    p.s. I'm having two giveaways this week on my blog Rambles with Reese.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. These are SO beautiful. I am quite a big Disney fan, nothing to be embarrassed about :)

    Love, Vanilla

    P.s I have moved to


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