Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Day Things..

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I like the idea of valentines day, although only when there are no cliches in sight! I have always hand-made valentines cards, and much prefer the idea of doing sweet things rather than investing in any shop bought tat. So, here are some nice things which I think are far better than anything you could buy...

Fabulous FREE Valentines cup holders from EatDrinkChic

Infact, EatDrinkChic has lots of brilliant FREE downloadable things for Valentines Day!

Valentines texts from Wendy Cope:

February’s cold & grey/ &, all in all, a bummer./ B my valentine 2today/ & turn it in2 summer.

I told u this last year/ I’ll tell u next year 2:?/My valentine, my dear,/ My heart belongs 2 u.

Known u a while. Is it 2 L8/ 2 tell u that I think you’re gr8??/ You’re sucha special friend of mine,/ I want 2 b yr valentine.

U r such a star. U shine./ I love 2 gaze at u./ If u will b my valentine,/ You’ll c me shining 2.

My heart and mind agree?/& this is what they say:/ U r the one 4 me/ 2day and every day.

(Waverly Place - Valentines in the east village, 1968. James Jowers)

Above all else, I think that a Valentines meal cooked with love and eaten by candle light in the comfort of your own home, is infinitely more romantic than joining the hoards of couples flocking to restaurants for an over priced meal and hurried service by a harassed waiter! These romance themed recipes by Sophie Dahl sound especially fabulous!

(Have a great day everyone, whether you're enjoying alone time, spending it with your favourite or pining over that beautiful boy/girl. ahhh.)


  1. Happy valentines Day :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Happy valentines Day, My hubby is doing night shift so I dont even get to see him today :(

  3. I'm a fan of the non-cliche Valentine's too. I made my honey a card (I do every year) and we're making gnocchi and chocolate souffle for dinner tonight with some champagne and candles. It's going to be great! Enjoy your day as well!

  4. Hi, we are a new follower :) Love those cup holders! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. i am also a fan of the non traditional valentine's day. a homemade meal is always a winner.

    what a lovely blog! subscribing, and i'll definitely be back :)

  6. Those cup sleeves are so freakin' cute. Just found your blog :)

  7. i love this post!

    amy leah
    the coquetiquette

  8. thanks so much for your comment my dear:)i hope you continue to follow me!i like so much your blog!!nice niceee:)

  9. The plan WAS to eat by candle light.. think I could find a match for the life of me? Absolutely not. Cute post and thanks for you comment! x

  10. such a cute post ; )


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  12. Just came across your blog, it's lovely. x

  13. Oh my gosh, those valentine's cup holders are INSANE. Yey for pretty packaging!!

  14. happy (way belated) valentines day! I just found your blog and I'm glad I did :) it's full of cuteness all over!

    dying + loving those cup holders too btw!


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