Tuesday, 22 February 2011

London Fashion Week

...The festivities as seen from the windows of The Courtauld Gallery.

Over the past few days, whilst going to fetch my boss' newspaper, I have relished in the sight of hoards of well dressed women marching down Strand to Somerset House. They are all impeccably dressed, especially for 9.30am, and spend the entire day in seriously serious heels; I deeply admire their stamina!

The grey skies don't seem to get in the way of anything, especially as certain sades of lipstick are so bright that they shine all the way across the courtyard; to where I can be found lurking. I keep my eyes peeled for celebrities but happily settle on a sighting of Susie Lau, of Style Bubble.

The stream of it girls is a constant one, and I find myself wondering about how they look so effortlessly cool every minute of the day and whether they get paid to attend fashion shows and have their photographs taken... ahhh.

(I realise I am hardly The Satorialist, but here are some of my photos.)


  1. So exciting... I wish I had that kind of view from my window!


  2. hahahah! you're the next facehunter? ;)
    thanks dear for your comment again!
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  3. You have the best view!! Love LFW!

  4. wish I knew their secrets to style :)

    Love, Vanilla

  5. Cute post! I would totally be doing what you're doing if I were in the area!!


  6. Oh my gosh...how cool to be in London during fashion week!

  7. sigh.....one day babygirl.. one day <3


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