Sunday, 13 February 2011

..'seeing the moon ache'

Sunday Night Poetry.

I wanted to pick a poem about love since tomorrow is Valentine's day. As I have been by the coast this weekend, this is the poem which has been flickering in my head.

I hope you like it.

Love by Carol Ann Duffy

Love is talent, the world love's metaphor.
Aflame, October's leaves adore the wind,
its own breath, whirl to their own death.
Not here, you're everywhere.

..............................The evening sky
worships the ground, bears down, the land
yearns back in darkening hills. The night
is empathy, stars in its eyes for tears. Not here,

you're where I stand, hearing the sea, crazy
for the shore, seeing the moon ache and fret
for the earth. When morning comes, the sun, ardent
covers the trees in gold, you walk

........................................towards me,
out of the season, out of the light love reasons.

(The first photo is my own, hit the link for the second. Have a lovely nights sleep.)


  1. Lovely photo that you took! Beautiful poem too! Keep it up darling<3


  2. What a nice poem for valentines day eve!

  3. Usually I'm no huge poem lover, but this one is lovely :-)
    You took a wonderful picture!
    Have a great Valentine's day!


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