Sunday, 27 February 2011

Maturity - Allen Ginsberg

Sunday Evening Poetry.

I should have realised the tricky side-effects of too much booze a long time ago. I never will, which is why, today, I like this poem. Written by the godfather of beat poetry, Allen Ginsberg, the definition of bohemian.
Let's toast anyway, to never, ever learning and not giving a damn about anything much besides beauty, fulfillment and wonderful, wonderful company.

Maturity by Allen Ginsberg

Young I drank beer & vomited green bile

Older drank wine vomited blood red

Now I vomit air

(Hit the photos for the links, it's Monday tomorrow, and we all have to sensible again. Not too much, I hope ♥)


  1. That second photo is awesome. I'm such a sucker for beat poetry. It brings out my theatrical side :)

  2. haha! soooo true! now when I drink it just reminds me I'm too old to be doing these things the next day... but I still do it anyway!

  3. Love love love that second photo:) Have a great Sunday and see you soon

  4. Oh, I adore beat poetry :-) Well, I like to drink anyway, but I try to stop before I need to throw up *lol*

  5. I still haven't learned my lesson...

  6. Thanks for the Sunday perspective...and your kind words about my poem. Both are greatly appreciated. :-)

  7. Hi! I just wanted to say hello and thank you for passing and commenting by my blog :)
    Have a great week!

  8. Love beat poetry, these photos are great!

  9. Oh wow! I JUST watched the movie HOWL... did you see it? I think you would like it! ALLLLL about Allen Ginsberg :)


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