Monday, 21 February 2011

In Eagar Anticipation of..

'Never Let Me Go'

I rattled through 'Never Let me Go' by Kazuro Ishiguro last week in preparation for this week's cinema trip. It was fantastic; heart wrenching, warm and utterly human. This is a book I would recommend it to most people, (even if it's only so I can point out that the writer went to the same university as me.)

There has been some speculation that the film version couldn't possibly measure up to Kazuro Ishiguro's beautifully crafted words. But, in my experience, the presence of Kiera Knightly couldn't possibly sully my appreciation of anything. I am fairly certain her beauty would prevent her from butchering even my favourite book! And, Carey Mulligan seems like a good fit for the character of Cathy.

Here are some wonderful photos of the two of them, (taken from the 2011 January and February editions of UK Elle.)


  1. I loved that Keira editorial!

  2. Great photos:)
    Greetings from a cold Norway!


  3. the pictures are beautiful.

  4. So beautiful, I think i'm going to see never let me go tonight! xx

  5. really want to see this :)

    Love, Vanilla

  6. I COMPLETELY agree that Carey Mulligan was the right person to play the character. Though I haven't read the book (and after seeing the movie I do want to read it) she really made the character believable. As for Keira Knightley's character, I also think she did an amazing job. I'm not much of a big fan of her acting but in this movie she was great! The film entirely was touching and with emotion all over! I really enjoyed this movie a lot :)


  7. Carey Mulligan is a new favorite of mine. I can not wait to see this!

  8. i loved the film, very very sad tho :( xx

  9. I will go to see it as soon as it's out, i can't wait!


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