Saturday, 20 June 2009

'We'll always have Paris'

I'm not sure that working for a company who sells weaponry in a busy restaurant is what I had in mind for this job. Especially considering I haven’t the faintest interest in hospitality and don’t believe in war. On the plus side, I can see the Eiffel tower on the way to work, albeit, miles in the distance. It makes the 7am start bearable... As does the following text from my genius friend, Nathan. Sent to me on the eve of my trip, whatever the situation, I can rely on him for reassurance..

(after me commenting that 'we will always have Norwich,' just like Rick and Ilsa would always have Paris in Casablanca.... And, how (under his instruction,) I should turn my heartache into art..)

His reply: 'Norwich is much more beautiful. It's the perfect way, until you get writers block and become more depressed. Instead of as time goes by you'll have kids by MGMT.'
Here is a picture of him, he is never wrong and wears that facial expression a lot.

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