Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Inside my bag..

The contents of a girls bag can reveal a lot about her.
Here is what I carried around with me yesterday:

UK Elle Magazine.
LG Chocolate, rather old now.. but still working and still pretty.
Keys.. with my favourite, and rather large, blue aspinal of London keyring. Despite having such a large set of keys they are constantly getting lost in the bottom of my bag, no matter the size of the bag!
Kiss Me Philosophy Lip balm.. absolutely gorgeous stuff, made all the better by the words on the tube which read: 'the road to intimacy is lots of kissing.'
Rimmel lip stick
Spare batteries for my digital camera.
Emery board
Badger Balm..for my skin care emergencies.
Notebook.. filled with lecture notes in my tiny, tiny handwriting.
Benefit '10' make-up palette
A minimum of two 'bic super fine' biros.
My very battered and past it wallet.
My (new) old camera, which takes the most beautiful & dreamy photos.

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