Monday, 31 January 2011

Yesterday Don't Matter..

Because it's gone.. (Ruby Tuesday - Melanie)

My weekend included a trip to Oxford, which constisted of a lot of Sunday newspaper reading, cups of coffee and cafe stops. But, mostly importantly, a visit to the Ashmolean Museum which holds a fantasticly vast world art collection; one which seemed to be a compression of my entire History of Art degree!

I thought that today I would share these pretty postcards, from a temporary exhibition of Lucian Pissaro's prints. The orginals were printed at the turn of the century in England, although, I think you can tell that Pissaro had left his heart in France!
I thought they might make a rather sweet alternative to a sickly valentines cards! (Feel free to save them, print them etc.)
(click on them to see the post-card size image!)


  1. Really nice postcards :) glad you had fun in oxford.

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Definitely a nice alternative from the usual mass-produced V-day cards!

    Oxford sounds like fun!

  3. those are so unique it would make a great v-day card. I might just do it :) thanks for sharing the beauty :)

  4. a trip to oxford sounds awseome.

  5. genius valentines day cards. love.
    the only slightly offensive sag award review...

  6. Incredibly pretty postcards.They remind me of something taken out of a childhood dream

  7. those are so lovely!
    i love the idea of using them as alternative valentines.
    (i don't like valentines either, but i like these a lot!)

  8. how weird... i visited oxford this weekend and went to the ashmolean! it's an amazing museum (:


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