Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Ready To Start

Clothes and things for working gals.

I currently work in a combination of dusty art shop, and equally dusty jewellers studio. Nonetheless, I am pining after future office wear. I am due to attend a 'bi-annual' meeting this afternoon, however, thankfully can get away with my usual oversized layers and messy hair. My chosen professional world is centred around disfunctional artistic sorts, so clothes speak more 'easy creative type' than 'blood-drinking business type.'

This edit from UK Elle magazine is going to be the starting point of my first regular feature. As 2011 is going to be the big career lift off year, I thought it about time that I shed my scruffy student attire, and think more about work-wear. (Of course, it will all be done on a shoe-string, as I am only a barely paid intern.) I am already the proud owner of the satchel featured, it was a birthday present.. one that will last me forever.

To begin, some street style, for a creative girls. (Scarfs are essential for icy January days/nights in London.)

Hit the images for the links.


  1. wow lovely blog! these pictures are so inspiring :)

    the flower girl


  2. These are all cute looks. And I need all the help I can get in the Winter to look cute and not frumpy with all the layers.

    Stay warm girl!


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