Friday, 21 January 2011

Selling you my fears.... ON EBAY!

I was a dreamer. (Villagers, Becoming a Jackal, again.)

Since the storage space in my room is somewhat limited, I have decided to put a few of my old clothes up for sale on ebay. These are things which I used to love but just don't wear anymore, as I am no longer a scruffy student and tend not to wear such brightly coloured clothes.
I have little clue how to use ebay and am very confused by the bidding system. Which is probably a good thing for bidders as there was no reserve on any of the items. Over the past week I have had my sister and parents despairing as they tell me for the seventh time how the bid system works. And, equally, friends looking at me with furrowed brows as I display my confusion.

Neverthessless, I have some good things on offer, including a Reiss jumper, Kate Moss dresses and.. a few barely worn party items. I have a feeling that ebay clear-outs are going to become a regular thing. It's insanely addictive.


  1. so cute! love it.xx

  2. love the dress! kate moss wore it great

    following you, love your blog! follow me back if you like mine?

  3. thank you for your comment! nice blog


  4. Oh my I am enjoying the regular posts B! you have inspired me to try and attend more regularly to my own! xxxxx


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