Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Present Wrapping

Over the past few weeks I been getting some of my Christmas shopping underway. So, I spent some time over the weekend doing some wrapping.

I have been reading everywhere how important good wrapping is, so I got some bright pink ribbon for my sisters presents. Last year I used some old song sheets and maps for some of my wrapping and used pretty bows to make them pretty. (One of the felt boot Christmas tree decorations I made last year is also pictured.)

I also like the idea of using newspaper (the bottom image isn't mine,) but I love that sprig of rosemary tied to the present with string. I've also always thought that plain brown pacel paper, tied with white string and an old luggage label would look lovely..


  1. I love present wrapping! I've got some brown paper to wrap some of my pressies in, and ribbon with little snowmen on. It's half the fun I think! xx

  2. Beautiful packages! I love when things are a bit lumpen looking, with tightly pulled bows, I think they look so much more promising than perfectly sharp edged boxes. I think wrapping presents is my favorite part of the holidays actually - a bit of ocd rearing it's head:)

  3. They are super cute. I especially like the last one. I haven't even started buying Christmas gifts. I'm starting to feel slightly stressed:)


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