Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Cards

These are the images I'm using on my Christmas cards this year. I either scanned the images or found them on Tumblr.

I usually open them in a word document with the margins widened and two columns set. I line up the picture on the right hand side and usually fit two on one page. Once they're printed I use a guillotine to slice them to the right size and add some glitter and sequins.

Last year I printed my images onto photo paper and cut the pictures out and stuck them onto card, this years method is far neater and easier, although I quite miss the glossy-ness of the photo paper!


  1. As beautiful and inspiring as always...

  2. Beautiful images, those will make fantastic cards!

  3. These are such beautiful christmas cards, I love to make my own, it's so much more personal!!x


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