Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Gifts from across the Pacific

Last week, I received a some awesome things in the post from the lovely Luan over at Green Tea and Cupcakes.

This included a copy of Frankie magazine, which I loved! This magazine is incredibly cool and right up my street. It contained lots of insightful and funny articles, great photography and illustrations all along the theme of cool indie and vintage stuff, which I can't get enough of. I don't think there's a magazine like this in England; nothing quite as twee, but there should be!

As well as that, she sent me a paper bunting, and some matching paper flags which I plan to decorate cupcakes with come spring. She also sent me an awesome flowery headband and a mix-tape with a cool cover, which I love!

I will be sending Luan some things in return, make sure you check out Luann's fantastic blog, it's full of cool stuff written by a lovely lady with a great eye.


  1. that magazine reminds me of oh comely magazine!

  2. What a great blogger swap idea! And adorb mag!

  3. Wow, that magazine looks amazing! Where can I get it?x


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