Sunday, 27 November 2011

Vintage Christmas

It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for lots of my friends (and followers, I'm sure) vintage Christmas treats would be much welcomed and can be picked up incredibly cheaply.

I was flicking through a copy of Homes and Antiques when I realised all of the great options which lie in vintage and charity shops for possible great presents.

What's more, money seems to be tight for everyone this year and so what better time to get back to some thrifty gift giving. Good wrapping can also transform a gift and make it truly special no matter how much it cost.

Here are some ideas from Homes and Antiques:

1.) This pretty letter holder looks great with the red ribbon and the supply of cards and envelopes.

I had never thought of buying old hankies before, but these ones looked great neatly folded and placed inside a box.

Vintage tins are also a great way to go - last year I picked a pretty tin up for £1 and filled it with Lush soaps and bath bombs for my sister's Christmas present. It worked out cheaper than the ready made gift sets from Lush and made for an all-round better present.

I was checking out The Curiosity Shop blog the other day and thought that The Vintage Drawer's vintage Christmas boxes were a great idea. With the right shopping and wrapping you could create a really sweet Christmas gift which would be great fun to open on Christmas morning.
Good additions would certainly be little house-hold bits such as vintage kitchenalia and textiles, and vintage post-cards, song book covers and such like would also be good additions.. Perhaps also, some vintage pearls and broaches..


Thanks for stopping by, I love hearing your thoughts and visiting your wonderful blogs as well. xxx