Saturday, 1 August 2009

English Country House

As part of my 20th Birthday celebrations, my parents took me to visit the historical, British landmark, Wimpole Hall. Until the 1970s the house had been privately owned by a couple, who had the whole place to themselves, (along with their staff.) It's now owned by the national trust. It was the houses last owners, Captain and Elise Bambridge, who dedicated their lives to collecting art and furniture for the house ready for it to be left to the national trust. The Captain died quite a while before Elise and she had no other family. Some areas of the house had a sad tone to them. I wonder if the somber air would have diminished had she had a loving family, rather than acquired a lot of, albeit beautiful, material goods. Either way, she had a beautiful house and I imagine she had a lot of friends.

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