Saturday, 15 August 2009

Glandular Fever on the Coast of Spain.

I have finally returned from my holidays in Spain. The holiday went quickly, but I feel as if I've been gone forever. The first week of the holiday was spent in the tourist resort of 'Club Calohanda,' on the costa del sol. The apartment was beautiful, on clear days you can see the coast of Africa from our balcony, there were also pretty gardens and friendly staff.

The following week was spent at my parents own little apartment on the South East coast, after a near 6hour drive, not including the stop at the fantastic 'Alhambre,' a Moorish castle in Granada. The apartment is small but very cosy and contains only fond memories for me. Time here was spent wandering through Spanish markets, shopping and watching parades in the nearby towns and cities.Unfortunately for me, a few days before leaving for the trip, I came down with a case of 'Glandular fever,' and so spent the best part of holiday feeling delirious and incredibly sleepy. The one good thing about being so tired, was that I really got into the Spanish way of life by taking a daily 'siesta.' Between the hours of 2pm-4pm I would nap in my hazy room with a soft breeze, and wake up feeling just well enough to catch the late afternoon sun and go for a swim.I always feel unhappy after returning from a holiday, all I seem to want to do is take off again.. or make new plans.

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