Monday, 30 June 2014

Two Architects; One name - Gilbert Scott

Giles vs George.

George Gilbert Scott (1811 - 1878)- St Pancras Hotel, Albert Memorial, loads of churches
Giles Gilbert Scott (1880 - 1960) - Bankside and Battersea power stations, telephone box

This has caused some confusion over the past week. So let's get this straight - one designed buildings that were gothic and romantic, the other designed buildings that were modern and imposing.

Take a trip to Camberwell and marvel at both architects' work - St Giles Church (confusing as it was designed by George), and William Booth Memoiral Training College, (one time Salvation army HQ - Giles).

St Giles, Camberwell

William Booth Memoiral Training College, Camberwell

Stairs at St Pancras - where the Spice Girls video 'Wannabe' was filmed.

Beautiful Albert Memorial at sunset.

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