Wednesday, 18 June 2014

New York on a budget

This post is very over-due. I went to New York in February this year for work and had the best time. In between galleries and social media week there was eating, lots of eating. Here is my list of my favourite and most stylish (and cheap) places to eat in the big apple. Firstly though, stay - The Jane Hotel. This place is just so great and steeped in history - it used to be a YMCA for sailors on leave from the navy, the survivors of the Titanic stayed here, and the hotel is located on the Hudson River, very close to where the Titanic would have docked if it had made it to New York. The lounge bar has a bohemian vibe, where you can get a good cocktail (there's waiter service). Staying here is also cheap - unbelievably cheap for Manhattan. (also see my super top tip for breakfast below). Lovely comfortable room, free wifi, Ipod dock, tvs, vintage vibe - amazing. Right up my street. I am going to tell everyone I know to stay here!
The Butchers Daughter - amazing vegetable juice bar / REALLY good salads. I had the very good 'green godess' juice and a very nice spicy kale salad which I would highly recommend. (Nolita). I read about this in 'The SImple Things' magazine. The Fat Radish - another very healthy place - very relaxing and cool. They do the 'fat radish bowl' which is a healthy bowl of deliciousness and rice - very refreshing, good for digestion, gentle eating. (Nolita). Another Simple Things suggestion. Lovely Day (Nolita) - A VERY cute Thai place that has a bar downstairs with really good cocktails - quite cheap, very cute, nice crowd and and good food! This place was recommended by a very stylish New Yorker we met, I later came across it on Lingered Upon. Mothers Ruin (Nolita) - big old weather-worn wooden bar. Good cocktails, kind of rock-y Robertas Pizza - Brooklyn. Very cool place - a scene in Girls was shot here, and they have a book out - it's a little out of the way but very popular, proper Brooklyn hipster hang out. Really good soughdough pizza, we had to wait 2 hours but there's a nice bar! It was fun going that far into Brooklyn, so different from Manhattan with little wooden houses and patches of deserted land. Maison Premiere - Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn - prohibition era style bar - waiter service cocktails, awesome place! 
Mesa Coyoacan - The best Mexican food I've ever eaten is at this place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, since leaving I have dreamt about their spicy margaritas and fish tacos. Also in Brooklyn, a ridiculous amount of amazing bars! I don't think you can go too far wrong - on Saturday afternoon we just walked around and found places with Happy Hours... East Village -  Tartine - we were staying just around the corner from here so it was kind of our local, but this place feels like a proper New York secret - it's a TINY french restaurant and all the tables are packed in really tight! It's BYOB and there's a really good liquor store just down the road. I had spicy chicken (REALLY spicy) with chips and guacamole and a really nice chocolate fondant thing. Recommended by Cup of Jo. Also nearby, Frankies Spuntino - very good Italian restaurant. Quite pricey but absolutely fabulous delicious Italian food! Breakfast: My super, super top tip - The Jane is one hell of a wonderful place to stay, but the breakfast ain't so good. So don't go there for breakfast, instead, walk about 10 mins up the road and go to the amazing... Standard Hotel - super visit for breakfast - free Wifi, GREAT service, beautiful decor, very well priced for a swanky place and excellent food. It's right by the Highline so you can take a nice stroll along there afterwards.
The Ace Hotel - We went here to hang out in the lobby with all the cool freelancers who come here to work - very cool, extremely busy and AMAZING coffee!
The amazing liquor store where we bought lovely wine to have in Tartine (it's BYOB)
Mid town after a trip to MoMA
Outside The Standard Grill, before one of many breakfast outings
View of the Hudson River from the High Line, the Titanic would have docked right... there.
Love that vintage world map in the Fat Radish
Love the Standard Grill for breakfast!
Gut-buster breakfast
Wonderful salad and green juice at The Butchers Daughter

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