Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Halloween Horror Fest

I always like to get into the macabre spirit of this time of year - along with staring at pumpkins and thinking about my Halloween costume I like watching iconic horror movies.

Here are the films on my list to see in the run up to Halloween:
Suspiria (Italian horror movie with the tagline: 'the only thing scarier than the last 12 minutes of Suspiria are the first 94'.
The Thing (because I haven't seen enough John Carpenter films).
The Shining (because: Stephen King)
Nosferatu the Vampyre (this list wouldn't be complete without a vampire movie)
An American Werewolf in London (equally, what is Halloween without a monster movie)?

The iconic ones I love and want to watch again (and again):

Rosemary's Baby - watched this one after reading the book (which made for one of those rare occasions when the book and film supplement each other, rather than compete). The book supplies the nuanced details which can't be included in the film, and the film provides a nice visual reference - like the 'Bramford' (the actual Dakota building in New York) and  THAT ICONIC HAIRCUT.

Halloween - First of the slasher movies, legendary creepy music. Moral message: abstain from teenage sex.

Carrie - A great one of Stephen King's - really sad though. 'They're all gunna laugh at you'

Physco - Doesn't everyone occasionally think of that scene when they're.. in the shower?

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  1. nice list, I've not watched Rosemary's Baby yet, I've heard it's pretty terrifying! Love Psycho though x


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