Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stockholm Street Style Inspiration

As part of my Stockholm research I have been pouring over Stockholm street style. Tight black trousers in all form seem to be popular (perfect for me) I think that Acne has much to thank for that. It also seems that huge scarfs and jackets are a must, although the cool ankle boots will almost certainly have to be knee-high in my case.

I realise these locals are probably used to it - but, is it me, or they do not seem at all bitten by the cold? I will be diligently wrapping up.

(All images from Caroline's Mode - Stockholm Street Style.)


  1. People in Stockholm are a little too cool! I guess they're used to the cold, I would definitely not look so stylish in that weather. xx

  2. They all look great! I especially like the first look. At least they have coats on!
    Zoe x
    Life of a Vegetarian Girl

  3. They are all so stylish looking! But like you, I'm bundling up this time of year. I'm all for comfort!


  4. I would definantly not look this good I would look like a homeless lady with all my layers on.

  5. I love looking at Stockholm street style and would love to go one day - the woman all look incredible! I love the third look.

  6. Stockholm style is the most modern, cool and simply elegant ever!

  7. Stockholmstyle - so lovely!

    ♥ Franka


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