Monday, 9 January 2012

Happy Birthday Kate Middleton

The Dutchess of Cambridge is 30 today. Perhaps this post is a little predictable, but I have a real soft spot for Kate Middleton - how could you not be fascinated by such a charismatic and charming princess?

Her elegance and poise is really a marvel. She is one of the worlds most high profile women and she manages to carry the pressure oh so well. I really do find her a good role model, she has that old school glamour which is such a rarity nowadays.

I heard on the news that her birthday would be a private, low-key affair. One can only imagine what will be going on behind palace doors.. if it were me it would include beautiful clothes and flowers, better food, lovely cocktails and close friends and family.. perhaps a few records and a some tipsy party games..

(Photos are linked.)


  1. Oh I love Kate too and all that she stands for. I hadn't seen the first image before so it has now popped into my inspirations folder. I also turn 30 this year, as does Wills but I think I beat him by a month xo

  2. She is so amazingly classy. I've never been one of those who's obsessed with royals but I just love her so much. She's already a fashion icon and such an inspirational role model for women of our generation. Much better than Britney Spears!


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