Monday, 23 January 2012

Call The Midwife

Did you see the 1950s set period drama all about midwives in London's east end last night?

Blimey, it was good - I also loved the first episode, but Miranda Hart playing 'Chummy' took the show to new and amusing heights (quite literally.) In many ways, the show reaffirms my notions of a rather romantic view of an austere life.

I love the scenes of children playing in cobbled streets, whilst a huge ship looms over the houses from the dock. Of course the deeper issues (the disease and desperation of poverty) reign in my romantic notions, that is of course until everyone is sitting around a table with a cup of tea. One of things I love about these period tales in working class settings is how the characters really just deal with life, and get on with it and most of the time do so whilst having a relatively jolly time. It seems that living in slums in terrible conditions is the least of their worries, they did after all recently survive both the blitz and the depression..

In the first episode there was an amazing scene where a fog hit the area and at night it was literally pitch black, it's hard to imagine just how scary that would be, especially whilst riding a bike with the urgent matter of a birth to attend to.

Curl up with iplayer tonight if you haven't see it! And, if you have let me know!! I may even re-watch it, it's THAT good!


  1. This show looks and sounds fantastic. I need to find out if it's showing anywhere here!

  2. I like the look of this one as well. I will have to keep my eyes pealed to see if they will show it in Australia.

  3. Hmmm same as above, no sign of it in Australia!
    Looks good though.


  4. I might just have to do that if it's still playing tonight, love all things English drama. Have you seen the Miranda show (one of the actors in the program). I suggest it for a good laugh :)

  5. Wanna watch this movie!

  6. I just adore this show as well..such great characters and moving story lines.


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