Friday, 6 September 2013

When Harry Met Sally

It's hard to pin-point exactly what makes this film so great.. but here are 10 reasons:

1. Knitwear - so much chunky knitwear.
2. The funny voices in the Eygptian wing at the Met - 'I would be proud to partake in your pecan pie'.
3. Sally's fashion sense - so cool without ever trying to be cool. So much menswear (ala Annie Hall).
4. Sally's penguins. My Auntie Sally has an impressive penguin collection in her bedroom because of Sally's penguins.
6. The phrase 'high maintenance' came from this film.
7. Casablanca.
8. 'You were the only person I knew in New York'.
9. New Years Eve
10. It had to be you
10.a Deli sandwiches - pastrami on rye with pickles on the side. *

*wrapped in tin foil.

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