Tuesday, 24 July 2012

You Rang M'Lord

Over the past few weeks I have really been enjoying watching You Rang M'Lord - a fabulous sitcom made by the BBC which ran from 1988 - 1993.

It has been the show to get me through these past few rainy weeks of so called summer. The characters are brilliantly developed - thanks to Mr Perry and Mr Croft the legendary sitcom writers of the era (most famed for Dads Army). My favourite is Ivy the naive but sweet maid, played by the wonderful Su Pollard.

The story centres on the tale of the family upstairs - the Meldrums, and the servants downstairs. The tales of the working class folk and the rich, who are all as ridiculous as each other! It can be farcical and very funny, but the mixture of  heart with cynicism is why I love it so much. 

What's more, as the show is set in the 1920s / 30s it hasn't dated, speaking of which - the costumes and set are brilliant.

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