Monday, 3 October 2011

Supper Club

I treated myself to a couple of new books the other day.

The Supper Club is a book I've been wanting for a while now after reading about it on India Knight's blog. It's written by Mrs Marmite Lover - a home restaurant pioneer based in London.

The recipes are mostly suited to dinner parties and entertaining - although there are a few dishes which could quite happily be made for a weekday supper with the family. No doubt you will see some of recipes pop up on Girls Who Like to Gorge soon - especially the coconut Dahl, Butternut Squash and Blue Cheese Risott, Gratin Dauphinoise with Smoke Salmon and Marmite Cheese on Smoked Haddock - I could go on.

Inside the book there is lots of advice on setting up a home restaurant - which does sound very stressful; but great fun. I don't think it would go down well in my family home, however I had already conjured a few dream locations in my mind; there's my aunties house in the Norfolk countryside (with a huge kitchin and cosy dining room) and an old haunted house in Norwich where an old romance used to reside.

I should probably get the supper party part down before I start dreaming about starting a supper club - a girl can dream..


  1. What a beautiful book - it's going to the top of my wishlist, esp. the butterbeer recipe.

    Love your blog, just discovered it, and would love if you'd follow mine!

    The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog


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