Thursday, 2 December 2010

The snow starting falling

We were stuck out in your car (listening to Bon Iver is compulsory when there's snow on the ground.)

It is absolutely freezing, there has been snow on the ground for days. I've been obsessing over layers and layers of knits, pale grey eye-shadow and dark red lips. Although the snow is pain, I rather enjoy wearing my favourite winter coat and cautiously entering the kitchen of a morning to see a bright white garden and full pot of hot tea.After the rather heavy last blog post, I had always intended to do a follow-up post with lots of pretty pictures. But, I was busy working at the BBC by day and sick of looking at computer screens by night, so my evenings were mostly spent lounging in my underwear and watching tv before going to bed very early. I had my best few weeks since graduating, working long days is actually alright.

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