Saturday, 23 October 2010

Do You Really Know That I Can't,

that I can't afford you. (Zola Jesus, she's awesome.)

We are now amidst the depths of Autumn, and I can tell because the days are colder and the nights are longer. Over the past week, I have been bundled up in layers of knitwear as the tiny art shop where I work is housed inside a very old building, which is freezing. I have brought my (fake) fur coat out of storage and have been stocking up on thermal tights.

This time of year stirs nostalgia; it's the smokey smells and drinking lots of locally brewed cider and glasses of red wine to fend off the cold on chilly nights; and going for walks for the soul purpose of getting rosy cheeks. The night air may be piercingly cold, but it doesn't stop us from wrapping up and getting cosy in pubs.

I am taking inspiration from 'toast' catalogues, a continuing theme from last Autumn. This requires red lips, dark eye-shadow and hearty knitwear. I can only assume wholesome appearances of these women are contradicted by filthy underwear (not in a literal sense.) Very few would ever guess such a thing.

All the pictures are from Toast.

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  1. Ohh have you SEEN the velvet hot water bottle covers? they are sooo nice. It seems we have been spending our autumns in a similar fashion x x x


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