Monday, 1 February 2010


Since posting a small picture of a slug in my bathroom a week or two ago, I have been inundated with requests to see more of my bathroom. At first I refused, but who am I to deny my public. So here we are.... some pictures of my bathroom. The first in a series; how to make your tiny, mouldy, drafty student house a beautiful, cosy home for four.

There is a permanent chill in here. So, to make showering a warming and comforting affair, blasting the shower with close to scalding water and filling the tiny room with steam has become compulsory... So has drying off quickly with a warm towel and piling on layers of comfy cotton clothes and wrapping up in a toasty dressing gown.
All winter I have been been coveting cosy, woody smelling soaps instead of those fresh critrus
scents of summer....
The generally cool bathroom is better suited for summer. I'm looking forward to peeking out of the window while showering and watching the steam escape, and mid afternoon showering in luke warm water to cool off after sunbathing. Having said that.. I still plan on making the most of my chilly February showers. There's something ever so pleasant about my sweet little refreshing bathroom.

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