Monday, 9 November 2009

If I were a Guy.

A question raised by Grace has been stuck on my mind all day.
'If you were a guy, how would you dress.'

Well, Today, I would have worn a pair of skinny jeans tucked into motorcycle boots, with a plain T-shirt and plaid shirt over the top. Maybe a light jumper as well, a woolen scarf and if had been really cold a light denim or quilted jacket over the top.

As a general rule, Jeans would be long slung and skinny, a few slim pairs might sneak in to the wardrobe, and maybe one pair of quite baggy ones. There will be one pair of dark denim, one black, but the majority will be acid wash or very pale.

The bulk of my wardrobe would be made up of heavy knit jumpers and cardigans. Some vintage. Some new. They would be worn with one of the t-shirts from my vast collection, some would be new, some vintage, plain, printed, stripey. You name. I'd have it.

Shoes... high top trainers, converse, vans, motorcycle/ dr marten boots, periwinkles, lace up brogues. I tend to judge a guy on his shoes. Bad shoes is a deal breaker. No matter what. A man in good shoes will get you in trouble. Fact.

For formal occasions, things would be kept simple. I would take inspiration from 'The Beatles.'

My hair would be quite long. Always clean, wavy as is now and swishy, not particularly neat. I would have nice facial hair, which would be kept trim. I would always smell of clean laundry and soap. I would smoke roll-ups from time to time.

I like to think that I am quite a good authority on what guys should wear, given the amount of time I spend lurking in the menswear department at 'House of Fraser.' And, my personal belief that my taste in men is impeccable.
'Indie guys' rarely go too far wrong.

In Summary, an array of t-shirts. Heavy knits. Skinny Jeans. Good shoes.

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